Backpacker’s guide to Turkey

Turkey is one of the world greatest destinations both for the local and foreign tourists. It is one of the best destinations of our time. The west is one of the most popular destinations normally frequented as place of party holidays.

On the other hand the east is not so much explored as much as the west. However this doesn’t mean that the east is not as much exciting as the west as it is authentic and full of many opportunities waiting to be explored. Turkey is a home of rich culture, religion and cuisine. The west has a great and fair share of treasures and so does the east. The Turkish visa goes a long way into helping you visit all places of your choice.


In fact the east holds ancient Roman ruins which are among the most extensive and well preserved sites. Also sample very delicious dishes. The locals are also hospitable and the truth is that you cannot fail to be invited for a cup of tea wherever you visit. As a matter of fact i challenge you to walk through a village or even visit a market and not be invited for a cup of coffee or even be offered a delicious meal. This will definitely prove to you that the people are very friendly and very generous. Basically an hour or two is good enough for you to visit the ruins and to enable you to climb the amphitheatre and take beautiful photos of yourself in the wonderful library walls. This will definitely leave you amazed and full of good memories.

On the other hand those looking for a challenge, the little amphitheatre Terrosus most definitely will do you good as it offers a great view of cliff side perch, normally 200m above the sea level. They only problem that is encountered is the means one could use to get there .I t involves connecting a series of taxis and buses .For those with private means the challenge is purely eliminated as it is easy to get there.

Turkey is most definitely a backpackers paradise .The reason I say this is because the public transport is great, good and delicious meals and the Turkey visa that will enable you visit as many destinations as possible. Turkey is such a big country to visit, seeing from east to west means spending a lot of time in Turkey.

Cappadocia is also another place to look for in Turkey since you will not find such a site anywhere else in the world. This place has incredible formations that you can not only see but also stay in them. Many of the hotels in this area are built in the bedrock which usually rain eroded volcanic ash is making it a site to behold. Also you get a chance to experience hot -air balloons hovering overhead. For those looking for even a bigger and more memorable experience you may pay to take a hot-air balloon ride. Few People come from Pakistan to Turkey without knowledge of Online hotels  and cabs booking. Now, Uber cab app has been launched its operation in Lahore and Karachi in Pakistan, That is great news for turkey people who want to visit Pakistan.

Butterfly Valley is also a famous destination in Turkey. Once you get there before noon you will have an amazing view of the place all to yourself .Tourists are known to flock there in the afternoon.

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