Budgeting Your Beach Holiday

A beach is one of the most common destinations for a holiday when summertime comes around. Every year, thousands of Australians travel to the coasts to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf. In fact, the sandy Australian beaches are so lovely that thousands of people from around the world travel to the coast. Australia is a country as well as an island — one of its biggest advantages.

Since Australia is an island, the coastline spans for thousands of kilometres. The coastline transforms to different types of sand, various fishing spots, and completely different water conditions depending on where you are on the coast. The various currents that travel from the Indian Ocean, South China Sea, and other parts of the world result in rapidly changing weather conditions.

If you find the weather conditions unsatisfactory at one resort location, you can drive to the next one with a campervan. A campervan gives you a certain freedom and control over your holiday that you do not get elsewhere. You do not have to book a flight to travel to the next resort, and you do not have to book a hotel room.

In the peak season, finding a holiday hotel can be difficult. So, a campervan is obviously the best and most versatile choice. However, how do you efficiently budget your holiday?

The Hire

The biggest and primary expense of your holiday is hiring the campervan. Apollo campervan hire options are very diverse and affordable. Therefore, you should determine the amount of money you have to spend for your entire holiday. Then, you should spend the largest sum on the campervan itself.

Once you have calculated your spending budget, you should determine the number of people who are planning to accompany you. Therefore, you will have an estimation of how many sleeping spaces you need. Once you have figured out how much space you need, you will likely know which campervan to purchase. Now that you have decided those things, you can narrow your campervan search to the vehicle that is right for you.

The Fuel

The fuel for your campervan is another big consideration. You need to consider the fuel’s price from your current location to your destination. Therefore, you should map out an itinerary for your holiday to determine the approximate distance you will travel. Then, consider the campervan that you want to hire and divide the vehicle’s fuel efficiency by your approximated travel distance.

The result should give you the estimated amount of fuel you need. Lastly, you should multiply the necessary litres of fuel by the fuel’s average price along your travel route. The calculated amount is how much money you should set aside for fuel. Furthermore, you should set aside another ten or twenty percent in case something goes wrong or the fuel efficiency is slightly off.

The campervan and fuel expenses are the two biggest expenses of your holiday. All the remaining money is for unexpected expenses or practical necessities, such as minor repairs and food.

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