Experience an adventure filled holiday in Goa enjoying the water sports

Goa is the marvelous destination which is a blend of land, water and sand welcomes travelers from all corners of the world to have a pleasant holiday. This majestic region is mostly visited by travelers to enjoy the appealing art and architecture of a few monuments, flora and fauna, seafood along with the most thrilling water sports. This place is no less to a paradise for people especially who love to enjoy the water activities and there are innumerable places that offer great fun and entertainment in Goa. Irrespective of age and sex all the travelers can happily take part in the water activities that are much fascinating in the fabulous destination during your Goa tours.

Scuba diving: This is one such appealing water activity which allows people to see the beauty of marine life underwater. This is a great experience as one can easily locate a few fishes, lobsters, coral heeds and many more in the majority of the scuba diving destinations in Goa. There are several places that offer travelers a chance to explore the life underwater, which include St George Island, Pigeon Island, Grande Island and a few more.

Scuba diving

Surfing: There are few beaches that offer a chance to enjoy wind surfing the most thrilling activity which require a good balance along with courage. This includes both sailing and surfing. This sport is no less than any adventure as it offers great fun along with excitement. If you are a weak heart better avoid this sport as this completely depends on the rise of waves and breeze. Colva, Vagator, Dona Paula are perfect coasts for windsurfing in Goa.

Surfing in Goa

Swimming: One common yet a great sport in the water is enjoy drowning in the water and swim. The waves touch the body and this surely is an extraordinary experience. Wear life jackets and Goa beaches are safe and perfect to enjoy and play in the waves. Agonda, Palolem are perfect places to enjoy during your vacation.

Swimming in Goa

Dolphin watching: This surely allures the kids as well as adults as watching the dolphins are much more exciting. There are lots places where one can locate several dolphins during your holiday in Goa.

Dolphin watching in Goa

Parasailing and scooter: both these water activities are fun filled and are actually fascinating as the ride on water is simply a marvelous experience. Water scooter is not just thrilling, but a wonderful sport and be cautious to wear jacket and follow safety measure. In the same way the Goa beaches provide a chance to enjoy parasailing. And there are experts to assist you at every instance and due to this even a person without experience can enjoy all the water activities.


Not just to see the mesmerizing attractions in Goa Tour, but travelers need to spend quality of time to take part in the adventure filled activities during the holiday. Goa being a paradise of beaches allows people to enjoy endless fun filled and thrilling water activities and is even referred as the nub of water sports in India. Not just surfing, water scooter, skiing, but there are various other adventurous activities one must enjoy at least once in a lifetime.

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