Some Tested And Effective Ways To Get Cheap Flight Tickets

Today, an increasing number of travelers are getting interested into the various ways to lower the flight fares. Getting cheap air tickets by using the different tips and tricks is in fact a smarter way to travel. Read more to understand the tips and tricks to lower the flight ticket fare.


Travelling smartly and lowering the money incurred in your journey while you can, is popularly becoming a common trend amongst the backpackers. Today, travelers are looking for ways and tricks that can help them to lower their transportation fares. It is prevalent in every medium of transportation that includes, flights, trains, and even tourist buses. Although, there are cases when a traveler doesn’t get concerned with the prices and in fact, gives comfort and convenience higher priorities, but the number of such travelers is comparatively lower than their counterparts. A traveler usually doesn’t gives money that much priority mostly in those cases where either the journey distance is small or the traveler is travelling once-in-a-blue-moon. However, if one is a frequent traveler, the money that they spend in travel does becomes a concern. The scene is most prevalent in the case of one who is a frequent traveler and is going a long distance via flights. There is an increase in the number of queries on how to get cheap air tickets, how to lower flight tickets, etc. over the past few decades. The good thing is that there are some tried-and-tested tips and tricks that work perfectly with lowering the ticket prices. A few of which are mentioned below.

The first tip to get flight tickets at cheaper prices is to book the tickets well in advance. Most of the experts advise booking tickets at least 49 days ahead of the journey date. The number of days that is 49 days is not a constant, and the whole idea is to book the ticket about one-and-half months ahead of the actual journey date. It is the time-frame when the ticket prices are most ideal.

Another, tip that you can apply is to fly on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday and avoid popular flying days, which are Friday and Sunday. Evidently, the ticket prices on popular flying days are usually higher than that of the not-so-popular flying days. Weekdays, particularly Tuesday and Wednesday tend to have lower flight fares.

One effective tip that lowers the flight fare is trying to fly very early or very late. Most of the travelers simply don’t want to fly past their bedtime or very early in the morning. Therefore, the tickets of the flights that are flying in these hours are generally cheaper than that of the normal hours. Although, there is a little inconvenience involved, but it is quite effective.

Another effective way to fly cheaper is to instead of taking a direct flight to the destination, consider taking indirect flights. If there is a nearby airport in addition to the airport in the destination where you are flying to, and if the flight fare is lower to the neighboring airport, it is advisable to consider the neighboring airport.

There are a couple of other tips and tricks that can help you with lowering the flight ticket fares. Staying updated with the aircarriers’ websites also helps. All major aircarrier including IndiGo, Jet Konnect airlines, Go Air, SpiceJet, etc. offer some lucrative deals from time to time. Keeping updated with them helps you grab the offers and deals, which can also lower your flight fares.

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