The Hotel And Resort Globales Honolulu Magaluf In Review

First off, do not let the name fool you, this one is not in Hawaii, but it might as well be. It could be a great place to visit, though, depending on your personal preference. Located in Magaluf, sitting on the Spanish island of Majorca, this hotel and resort caters mostly to European tourists. It is also exclusively for adults, meaning no children allowed. It already sounds quiet, but what about other details? Well, let’s get into the pros, cons, and in-betweens of this hotel and resort on this beautiful Spanish Island.

So what are the basics you get?

The Rooms are all spacious, equipped with air conditioning, satellite tv, and they also all have balconies. You can pick from single rooms, twin rooms, and triple rooms. Extra beds are not available, though, nor is there the right kind of space for an extra bed. So booking has to be done accordingly. Of course, there are all the amenities you would normally find in a decent hotel, laundry, decent food, a pool, and spa. The place is also kept very clean and sanitary.

The Not So Basic

Not many hotels have good bars, and this one does. There are also not a lot of hotels in that particular area that are a good value, but this is the exception to that rule. Though it is not the fanciest hotel in Magaluf, it is the most affordable, while still maintaining quality. The before mentioned “decent food” is actually a large buffet with a lot of different foods to choose from. There is also outside dining options if you want to dine in the cool breeze by the water. The pool is massive, warm, and best of all there are no kids splashing you in the face at random.

The Location of Globales Honolulu Magaluf Hotel

What about location compared to where everything else is? Well, this hotel and resort certainly have that going for it. It is far enough away from the action that it is not terribly noise while occupants are sleeping, but it is close enough to walk too. There are plenty of shops, pubs, and other attractions to check out within a small distance from this location. The hotel and resort itself also have plenty to do on location. It is beachfront property, with a walk measured in feet to the beach itself. Considering the value of this hotel, the location is better than most at the same price.

So What Are The Downsides?

Well, the rooms are decent sized, but could be bigger. The personal bathrooms are a little on the small side, but not so small that you will have trouble using them. The biggest downside is that the beach is 1300 ft away, which for some, is a rather lengthy walk, especially from a room. Security could also be a bit tighter late at night, with a few reported incidents every once in awhile, with no serious incidents, though. The plumbing is a bit old but still, works okay. As for that one question that everyone has about every hotel… Yes, the walls could be a little thicker.

So In Summary

The hotel and resort itself have a few quirks, but overall is still a decent place to stay, relax and have fun, for adults of course. The location, in particular, is spot on for the beach, shopping and pub hopping if that is what you’re into. If affordable for a decent quality stay is what you are looking for, then this is a good choice.

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