This Year’s Sailing Vacation: Where to Take your Group

Sailing is a fun group sport, the sort of vacation where everyone can really have a chance to spend quality time together. It’s also a good time for those who live far away to catch up- there’s nothing like working together to sail the boat to really help rebuild those connections. Plus, the majesty of a stunning destination is enough to make anyone feel connected to those around them. Sharing new sights, sounds and activities is a sure-fire way to bring everyone together.

On to one of the most important decisions any skipper has to make- where to go? You want a sailing destination that has something for everyone; a place that isn’t too hard to get to and really ticks off the marks in terms of beautiful sailing conditions, clear waters and fun things to do on land. Where you go will also depend on your home base and where everyone is located, but you really can’t lose with the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Here is our short list of places that virtually guarantee a wonderful experience for all on board.ionian_4

The British Virgin Islands

Because no list of versatile and well, ideal, cruising grounds would be complete without mentioning the BVIs we might as well mention them first. This destination is well known as one of the best places to go, and although it may not exactly be uncharted territory it’s easy to see why people return year after year.

Pristine beaches, crystalline waters for snorkelling and well stocked ports make the islands a great place to go with just about any group. Whether you prefer to live it up at full moon parties, sail away on a secluded romantic getaway, indulge in gourmet dining or join in adventurous on-land excursions, the BVIs really do have it all.

Sail to Croatia

If you’re closer to the Mediterranean or can find decent prices on flights, sailing in Croatia really doesn’t disappoint. It’s a bit less discovered than the famed waters of Greece and Turkey, but no less full of amazing culture and great winds.

Depart from Split, where you can visit UNESCO landmarks like Diocletian’s Palace before climbing on board. Or, sail out of Dubrovnik, one of the world’s most fascinating walled cities and an important holiday destination for centuries.

In Croatia you can tour the Dalmatian Islands and many beautiful mainland ports.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Moving back over to the Caribbean, St. Vincent and the smaller islands of the Grenadines are a paradise in the Southern Caribbean. They offer the chance to explore small, deserted islands and luxurious ports; quaint villages and larger bustling towns with festive island carnivals. Interestingly you can arrive to your port of call through the Caribbean or even fly to Venezuela and go from there.

Go to the Tobago Keys and snorkel the famous horseshoe reef, or visit the larger islands of St. Lucia and Martinique if you decide to sail a bit further.

The Ionian Sea

In Greece, you simply can’t go wrong with the Ionian Sea. It’s tranquil waters make for relaxed, easy breezing sailing that allows you to really use your time off work to revitalize and rejuvenate. With clear azure waters and plenty of charming places to moor for the night it’s both stunning and enchanting- there’s really no need to say more, except that the food of Greece is also a delight to enjoy along the way.

Count on any of these destinations to make this year’s sailing vacation especially memorable. For more information and the best deals visit

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