Top 5 Wildlife Adventurous Destinations in India

Wildlife tours are always very exciting as there is a different kind of thrill and fear that is attached to these tours and if you love adventure, then you must have a visit to the wildlife safaris. Thankfully, India has got several wildlife destinations with insane variety of flora and fauna that catches the attention of almost every wildlife lover. Here are some brief points about the top wildlife destinations across India which a wildlife lover must visit:


Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary

With as many as 6 wildlife sanctuaries, the state of Goa is a must visit for any wildlife lover. All these parks are located over a distance of 50to 100 kilometers which makes your trip much more meaningful. On an estimate, these parks offer you with 300 different varieties of fauna and 200 varieties of flora. You can have a look at some of the beautiful creatures in langur, flying squirrel, civet, Malabar giant squirrel, gaur which you don’t get to see so often. The Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary is the most popular one which is present in Goa with a wide variety of natural biodiversity at your disposal.


mangroves of Kerala

Just like Goa, the state of Kerala is also a memorable visit to the wildlife lovers with the mangroves of Kerala being famous all around the world. The state holds 10 wildlife sanctuaries where you can have a look at thousands of different varieties of flora along with hundreds of fauna species. There are several sites in the state that are protected by the UNESCO because of the presence of endemic species over these parks. You can make use of the Yatra coupons while booking your flights to Kerala that will enable lucrative discount for you.


Jim Corbett National Park

Uttarakhand is also one of the commonly travelled wildlife destinations having one of the biggest national parks in Jim Corbett National Park which is famous for the great elephants and the royal Bengal tigers. You must go for the wildlife safari in the Corbett Park to observe the biodiversity from a closer look. The park is said to be home of the 588 different and endemic species of fauna which can be a memorable visit for any visitor.

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West Bengal: 

Sundarbans national park West Bengal

Encompassing the famous Sunderbans, the state is also a great visit for the wildlife lovers with the famous mangroves and natural beauty at your disposal. The place is also having as many as 24 small islands that make it a visit worthwhile for you. The Sunderbans national park is also famous for its royal Bengal tigers along with several endangered species of birds can also be seen venturing in the national park.


Gir National Park

The state with the maximum number of tigers in the Gir National Park is also a quality visit for the wildlife lovers. Cleartrip domestic flight offers are also available to get discounts on bookings which make it more affordable to have a look at the scenic beauty of India along with an adventurous experience with the exhilarating wildlife safari in the national park.

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